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Vanellope’s tights were finished last night, so I decided to throw the whole thing on for some progress!

Things that still need doing:

- The skirt
- Re-dying the hoodie (it’s too green as of right now)
- Touching up the wig (needs more hairspray)
- getting the cord for her hoodie, which is driving me nuts

but either or, I’m enjoying making her, even though it’s driving me crazy haha. 2 weeks to katsucon cries on the floor

  1. cuckoobanaynays said: WOAH CUTIE *w* The wig looks great!! I really hope I run into you Sunday, so I can see the completed cosplay in person!
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    More reasons that Alex is fucking awesome. Kaitlin, this is the friend that’s being Vanellope .
  4. browniebrittle said: OMG WOW
  5. thepattywagon said: you are so friggin cute i could just die
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