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question to you guys!

does anyone know where I can get shoes for street-tier Jadesprite? O:


They seem to be Supras but that brand doesn’t make shoes in that color haha. Any suggestions?


  1. sturdyinstruction answered: spray paint??
  2. thismeatisundercooked answered: you could try osiris, they’re pretty similar to that design!
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  4. lethaltoxin answered: Knock off supras from Taobao and paint them? I have a pair. i wear them for everyday though.
  5. jayneheroofcanton answered: They’re a bit on the expensive side but Osiris has a pretty decent pair…
  6. darling-kanaya answered: you could try filas???
  7. hokaidoplanet answered: i got my supras for punk dave in taobao so im sure you can find them in that color there
  8. soul-of-olive-bloods answered: buy those shoes, buy puff paint of those shades of green , paint then into it or just spray paint them.
  9. theassassinjay answered: Spray paint the Supras maybe? Sorry if this isn’t much help. XC
  10. thepattywagon answered: look up green kicks?
  11. otakuorigamicyclone answered: buy the shoe in white and paint them in the color that you need
  12. astheniadawn answered:…
  13. theprincesswithmagichair answered: you could always use green high tops, i’m using van’s high tops for Jane..
  14. ceeberoni answered: see if they’ve got white ones and spraypaint them?
  15. meevist answered: has a ton of stuff for super cheap??
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