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yo followers!!! I’m trying to get tights for street tier Jadesprite and color opinions?? I was going to go with the neon but it might be too bright and it seems like too yellow a color, while the Kelly green would match my wig more.

opinions?? or links to better-fitting tights? ouo

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  3. sturdyinstruction answered: neon is closer to her colour!!
  4. allyssfarkis answered: Go with the neon.
  5. superdoodler26 answered: i think the neon green is better, to make the cosplay pop! ya know.
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    I agree with the consensus that the neon matches better. I’d like to add my two cents- I’ve gotten tights from there...
  7. grasstypesarethebestletsbeclear answered: Kelly green! Neon green is like Erisol
  8. tornsilvercravat answered: The Kelly Green looks a little too cherub-like. I’d go with Neon. ::3
  9. kinkyeviscerator answered: Neon Green. If the wig matches the Kelly green that gives you even more of a reason for the neon one seeing as there is a difference in color
  10. purpledoodler answered: well the darker tights match her hair but in the pic her hair is darker then the leggings so i say the neon ones
  11. goatfacin answered: the neon is more matched to the actual sprite; after all, the tail doesn’t match the drapes on the real deal, so a brighter green is better.
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  13. mewmii answered: i vote for the neon one but if you like the other ones better, go with your instinct!
  14. emthefrostgiant answered: It looks like if you’re going by the picture the neon ones would be best. I think the kelly green ones seem a bit too dark to me as well.
  15. niaspurpose answered: I like the kelly green :3
  16. makoharuatlarge said: I’d go with the neon green! And if they’re made of nylon, which is probable, you /could/ always dye them with an acid dye if you decide you REALLY can’t stand how bright/yellow they are.
  17. werewolf03 answered: If you can’t get another pair of tights, I’d say go along with the one that will match the rest of the outfit more.
  18. katzenjammerkitten answered: kelly looks better yeah
  19. vanilluxx answered: i think that neon green would look better, its easier to match fabrics to tights than tights to fabrics
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  21. atthepriceofoblivion answered: If you’re going off the picture, it looks like the kelly green would be too dark, if it fits, go with it.
  22. aceshimaru answered: depends on what color you’re making the jacket out of.
  23. otakuorigamicyclone answered: kelly green
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