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My Year in Cosplay for 2012!

this year is the year I feel like I’ve actually Gotten Shit Done?? I did a ton of panels, I made a BUNCH of outfits, new props, and finally made my first complete outfit! (And there was only one that wasn’t Homestuck…. oh well h-hahah)

I wanted to include all my cosplay friends but WOW I have too many cosplay buddies. Special shout-outs to those in the images (who are in the image caption!) and laughing at how many costumes I’ve done with Vikki and Ashley this year. Additionally, all my love to Mira, Mur, Marissa, Tandy, Julie, Jenna, Lindsay, Patty, Adam, Laura, Katie, Sona, Ceri, Violet, Erin, and Brenda! Who are all treasured cosplay buds but would not fit in this photoset.

In addition, I managed 4 in-character ask panels (Katsucon, Metrocon, AFO, and AUSA!), two Monologues panels (AFO and AUSA), a couple silly panels (Homestuck Cosplay Help at AFO and Let Us Tell You About Homestuck at AUSA), and getting to meet Hussie at TCAF! Plus with the roadtrip (and subsequent serious adventure) to and from Otakon, it was a really eventful year. I’m so happy to have shared it with all the friends I’ve made, old and new.

Here’s to another year of cosplay!

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