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i can explain this
… i was weak
  1. iamtheescapist said: MUHAHAHAHAHAHA ONE OF USSSS -ahem- Welcome. <3
  2. professoryaoi said: YESSSSS <3
  3. hamstergal said: That is a high-quality splurge you have there young lady
  4. billspreston reblogged this from cancerously and added:
    NO YOU ARE A STRONG LADY i hope you enjoy good omens!!! it’s a great book
  5. conceptsoflove reblogged this from cancerously and added:
    you were not weak, my friend you were strong
  6. themizerychick said: nothing wrong with that. both are awesome.
  7. katzmatt said: you should do a stream if you can
  8. lancenothiding said: W E A K !
  9. cancerously posted this

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