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motherfuckingnazgul replied to your post: quick q on latula is she wearing a jacket …

no i think it’s a black longsleeve undershirt and then a sleeveless turtleneck teal sweater-thing

where do the trolls even get this clothing who makes that shit

  1. speakingintothevoid said: Alchemiters are the best closets ever
  2. baroops said: but remember alex fashion is stupid to trolls unless that was only on Alternia?
  3. youresobittericantasteit said: porrim and kanaya probs. they probably have their own troll clothes lines.
  4. zahhaked said: i agree. to me it looks like a turtleneck vest piece over a longsleeved shirt.
  5. capslockfury said: porrim, sewing goddess
  6. cancerously posted this

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