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quick q on latula

is she wearing a jacket

because I could swear it’s a teal shirt w/ symbol plus a hoodie

  1. vanilluxx said: i thought it was a teal sleeveless turtleneck with a gray long sleeve shirt underneath?
  2. motherfuckingnazgul said: no i think it’s a black longsleeve undershirt and then a sleeveless turtleneck teal sweater-thing
  3. fadingspectres said: I think it’s like a teal shirt with black sleeves underneath I assume the black sleeves are like an under armor type material that streches and fits tightly around your arms!
  4. sleeplock said: i think the sleeves are black and the rest of it is sort of like a minidress with leggings or something? im pretty sure the black sleeves are part of the teal top
  5. virulentmalapropisms said: I thought it was a weird tank top over a long sleeve shirt, but hoodie sounds better. (SOBS BECAUSE I MADE THE SHITTY MISTAKE OF DOING UPDATE COSPLAY)
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