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as vanessa talks about how her superpower is making people cry

  • Vanessa Garcia: spoiler alert: that's my real super power
  • Vanessa Garcia: feelings attacks
  • Vanessa Garcia: I open my mouth during battle
  • Vanessa Garcia: everyone ends up on the floor, curled up in the fetal position, contemplating their lives and how much everything is dark and depressing
  • Vanessa Garcia: while i steal everyone's shit
  • Vanessa Garcia: because HAHA FUCK YOU
  • keysmashFTW: wow you could fucking wreck Loki
  • Vanessa Garcia: ....oh man
  • Vanessa Garcia: "Of course you could never be king. How could a monster like you ever be king? Allowed to rule over a golden land of plenty, when you truly belong in a wasteland of sorrow and regret? Forever frozen by your own inability to move past who you truly are."
  • Vanessa Garcia: You have always been a liar, Loki, Laufey's Son.
  • Vanessa Garcia: Even your birth attests to that.
  • keysmashFTW: ... oh my god
  • keysmashFTW: i am gone
  • keysmashFTW: good fucking bye i cant even handle this
  • keysmashFTW: wow
  • Vanessa Garcia: I'M SORRY
  • Vanessa Garcia: WAS THAT TOO CRUEL
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