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Ask a Homestuck at Katsucon 2012 videos up!

Sorry for the wait, and for taking the old Part 1 off of Public view. I was having a few technical errors that resulted in me restarting the cutting and saving process. 

But now you can watch it!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Background information:
Vikki put in the request for the panel back in October, before being recruited for the Bucket Full of Homestuck panel, run by Laura, at Anime USA 2011. We got notification that the panel was passed two weeks before the convention. 

Vikki made a wonderful post to the panelists, audience, and the staff that can be read here

Once again, the panelist list:
John Egbert - burrenbari
Rose Lalonde - syringe
Dave Strider - lindzar
Jade Harley - galaxy-hearts
Aradia Medigo - relissoawesome
Tavros Nitram - mohawkdandy
Sollux Captor - friendleaderp
Karkat Vantas - derpderpmotherfuckers
Nepeta Leijon - redfruitwhiteseeds
Kanaya Maryam - ktjayne
Terezi Pyrope - cancerously
Vriska Serket - boxed-hobo
Equius Zahhak - buttpilgrim
Gamzee Makara - terminallyxsadistic
Eridan Ampora - everyonesahero
Feferi Peixes - br8kspider 

And a personal shout out to:

kaitcryingalonewithfictionalcats - for taking my Flip camera and recording this

Saingirl101 - for being our photographer for the panel and getting the last 10 minutes of the panel when my battery ran low.

Thank you guys!


brb rewatching the whole thing

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