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Prospit and Derse info post: What the hell is the difference?

So I don’t know WHY this is bugging me and why I have so many feelings about fictional characters and Homestuck, but I’ve been asked this question about 375027 times on and offline, so here’s the answer, to the best of knowledge that I’ve collected from Hussie’s everything (formspring, Twitter, the MSPA Wiki, the comics, ECT)

What is the difference between Prospit and Derse?

Common Misconceptions

I’ll just start with this one. PROSPIT IS NOT GOOD AND DERSE IS NOT EVIL. They are chess pieces. One is one team and one is the other. It does not make anyone good or anyone evil okay? Okay.

Another common misconception I’ve heard about the dream planets is that one is more important than the other. If they were, they wouldn’t split their heroes just to fuck with them. I mean really.

Here’s the thing with the planets: they’re governed by two similar, but extremely different motives. Let’s look into it.


Prospit is governed by the idea of destiny. You have a role to play; you can reject this role all you damn well like, but it will find a way to bite you in the ass later no matter what. The planet is designed around the idea that a path is absolute: everything is bright and revealing, leaving nothing to be really wondered about because wow it’s all visible as shit, in allusion to the idea that you would know where you were going, as a Prospit dreamer, because of your destiny. It’s also why their clouds are prophetic: there is a path, and therefore, you can see down it because the path is definate.

Prospit dreamers aren’t all about “OH WOW MY LIFE IS FUCKED BECAUSE I HAVE THIS ROLE AND THERE’S NOTHING TO CHANGE ME FROM IT”. That’s not the case at all. Jade used her future premonitions of the things she saw on Prospit to help her team; yes, to fulfill their roles, but also as a preparatory technique to keep people safe. It’s part of the game: the people who wake up first are ALWAYS Prospit dreamers so they have an IDEA of what’s coming in the game. In the troll session, it was Kanaya, followed by Terezi. In the beta kids, it was obviously Jade. I’m guessing it was Jake in the Alpha Kids, though it has been shown that Dirk is also awake. Derse dreamers can also wake up before the game; the design of Prospit, however, is a warning for signs to come.

It’s the same reasons Prospitans wear colorful outfits and do not have Agents, though they do have postal workers: news travels. Plans can be made because things are predicted.


Derse governs the idea of free will, or better said, possibility. The idea of Derse is that anything could happen- and hell, it might! - but it’s very individualized and quite a “what you make of it” sort of deal. As an antithesis to Prospit, everything is dark and shadowed, because, as has been started, anything could and may happen. It’s also why they are connected to Dream Bubbles: Dream Bubbles being alternate routes and things that may or may not have happened, contained in memory. Dream Bubbles are possibility, so Derse is connected to them.

As stated in the Prospit section, Derse dreamers aren’t necessarily confined completely: they do have a job to do, the point is just less about how you do it and more about getting it done (as again, an antithesis to Prospit, which is all about how you do it). Derse dreamers use their dreamselves as ways to explore possibilities- Rose used hers to investigate herself and also Dave, especially during their Alternate Future Timeline escapades (Davesprite’s timeline).

THIS DOES NOT MAKE THEM EVIL. They are just the idea of possibility; because anything could happen, they can’t show every possibility! It’s just not able to be held in a finite space. So it’s enshrouded in darkness, wherein when it is lit, it will reveal the possibility it has taken shape as.

Derse has Agents because Agents change the course of things into the path they need, such as Jack and his team trying to take out the Alpha Kids.


Hopefully, this will assist you in making your OCs or yourself or whatever to know more about the planets.

(and if anyone gives a shit about my slant on this, I’m a prospit dreamer. ♥)

Additional ideas added by reblargers:

from lucheek:

The goal of Prospit is CREATION. They are in support of the heroes creating a New Universe. (Ultimate Reward.) The clouds give hints of a new future that has yet to be, but is to be created.

The goal of Derse is not necessarily destruction, but the opposition of Creation. They want to stop the heroes from getting the Ultimate Reward. The dream bubbles show the past— things that are already made (and therefore do not need to be “created.”)

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